About Central Steel Group

Building the tomorrow of the Steel Buildings Industry!

About Central Steel Group

Central Steel Group identified these problems plaguing the industry and worked methodically to solve the problems in…

Steel Procurement

Steel Procurement for the small manufacturers who serve customers better.

Contractors Staff

Contractors on staff for offering superior customer service from online carport dealers.

Engineering Innovations

Engineering innovations that help us and our partners stay in tune with the latest county and state government building code provisions.

Communication Investing

Communication by investing heavily in software tools such as CRM systems and 3D modelers.

“We are the powerhouse behind companies such as Carport Central, Carport Direct, and the American Building Network. The companies have helped thousands of American homes and businesses acquire”

People. Procurement. Process
PPP - People. Procurement. Process

At Central Steel Group, you can see decades of knowledge in action

We have helped manufacturing companies and online dealers of metal buildings transition into powerhouses. We have invested heavily in software systems that remove the communication barriers from our suppliers to our clients’ customers.

  • People

    Engineers, Contractors, Strategists, Visionaries, Account Managers, Production Personnel, and Sales Enthusiasts make us an amazing team.

  • Procurement

    ERP systems that predict inventory, usage, and optimal buying quantities for a win-win of everyone in the steel industry.

  • Process

    We drive innovation by following the best practices in manufacturing, quality control, ordering, invoicing, customer support, and sales.